The Clothing We Wear: To the Sustainability Warriors and the Sustainability Curious

In my personal quest to understand better what impact my consumer choices are having on the greater environment, I have been trying to research production methods and requirements of whatever clothing I consider purchasing. It’s proved to be a little trickier to wade through the information out there than I’d naively hoped, just like when you are trying to learn about nitty gritty nutrition details for the first time in your life.

One of the big shockers to me was with certain clothing brands that IMO fall under acts of “Greenwashing,” meaning (simply put) that they give the impression of being more conscious and sustainable when in reality carry little difference if any at all from your run of the mill destructive products on the market. I am realizing how many assumptions I had made about companies simply because of the associative image and ideals they promote, because friends I looked up to and respected worked for those companies, or because I didn’t know what questions to be asking nor the time to investigate.

Because I realize also that I am definitely not alone trying to navigate this muddy river for information and truth, I feel compelled to share things I’ve found with you all- not just to say “I’ve found the truth!” but to humbly ask for more conversation and information. I recognize that even though what I have found now seems to bring clarity, there can always be new enlightenment that might rule out the current sense of enlightenment.

Here are two articles grading the types of material in clothing, explaining why some are actually sustainable and why others aren’t.…/ethical-fabrics-to-consid…/…/ethical-fabrics-to-consid…/

*** I had recently purchased a “#Fabletics” top from a consignment shop here in town. It’s made with polyester, which to my current knowledge is not a sustainable fabric (or at least got a Grade ‘F’ on this website). It’s not labeled “Recycled” polyester. “Fabletics” is one of those companies that does make some more sustainability produced garb, and so you have to stay woke ’bout it, lol. Never assume. Always ask.

Please feel free to share any links or knowledge you have about this topic! I’m promoting this conversation for the sake of transparency on all fronts and I appreciate any positive and honest contributions.

Live adventurously, and stay determined to align your lifestyle with your highest intentions and joy.

Bless up!


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