When you go through the void, I will be there.
If you ask me to be yours, I will no longer know how to be anyone else’s.
When sight says there is no way, Love says “there is.”
Even peace and ecstasy and the sweetest harmony
will lose their taste
in flavorless emptiness
leave you unquenched in the greatest desert
your mountain of desire
Your chasm of longing…
Without knowing Love.
Flesh changes form
The heart wanders
And the mind betrays,
But Love says,
“I still remember you,
And I see you still…
I will guide you back home. You may have forgotten you,
But I cannot and will not.”

Love is wild like fire,
It intrigues and entrances
And ravages the false self worn to cover ourselves.
It burns everything it can so that we may feel what we are and lose what we are not,
that we may know truth,
that we may shed the fear of our own self knowing.

Love is the foundation,
The destroyer,
The redemption,
And the Creation.

To Love is to promise,
For with every act we weave the fabric of our own path and story… the two sides of the same coin… an action toward another is a sentence toward the self… a declaration of judgment… a reflection of Belief, the way we choose to experience this life.


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