IMG_20190606_140023_686We live in a reflective Universe. Whatever we look at in nature as great- the stars in the sky, the colors and clouds on the horizon, the mega fauna in the forests and oceans- all the attributes that make those things up are mirrored on the level of the miniature. What was once disregarded as insignificant based on its relative smallness now becomes awe-inspiring when we are freed from that judgment arbitrarily based in subjective comparisons.
The more I keep hunting down new spaces and grander places to commune with on our Earth, my attention is always brought back down to the infinite “small” expressions of life. To me, they are equally moving as the Big Accomplishment at the end if a climb or hike, because I wouldn’t have the grandness of a canyon or mountain without the countless tiny plants, pebbles, gnats, and ants that teem over that region of the earth’s surface and beat like the lifeblood underneath its skin.
Even as a child, I remember just getting lost in the tiny details in a tree’s bark or staring at the clumping patterns in the dirt, or collecting as many different leaves I could find and lining them all up next to eachother. When you look at a vast landscape, it has patterns, textures, lines, color groups and light contrast. And when you look at the close up ridges in a tiny rock or the way petals wilt on a dying desert flower, it feels like looking at the cells and atoms of that greater organism… 
Only instead of using a microscope you have shrunk yourself to make your eyes smaller and your subject larger .

This flower is beautiful even its dying. These petals are about as small as my finger tips, and only getting smaller. I was fascinated by the tinge of brown against its other soft colors that were probably more vibrant a few days before- vibrant, but never loud. The change in its appearance felt more like a subtle cooling, from warmth slowing fading into sleep and release, like peacefully dying in your sleep after living a content life, knowing that the release of your life will soon surge into another being’s birth. 

I love the High Desert.
Live Adventurously as we approach our Surrender to the big sleep. 


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