The Importance of Unstructured Time- Roadtrip Vlog


Going with the flow and carving out time with NO AGENDA is not a luxury- it’s a necessity!
I have met too many people this past year after working a “corporate” structured job who only take a week of vacation a year. I take at *least* a month of unstructured time every year now, without work or someone else’s demands dictating how I spend my time. Some people scoff at that, as if I have some privilege they don’t… but I know what it is like to run in the rat race nonstop, running your adrenal health into the ground, always working under someone or something else’s constant demands and requirements. I make certain sacrifices these other people aren’t willing to make so that I can have other freedoms that weren’t as available to me when I prioritized other comforts in my life… like renting a room to live in or budgeting healthy food over certain pharmaceutical/medicare costs to maintain my strength and sense of wellbeing.
In my personal opinion after having lived on both sides of this fence, I would like to say that Unstructured time to follow your own attention and whims is one of the best things you can do for your own mental health and longevity!


Live Adventurously!!!


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