An Unpopular Conversation about Cannabis- a radical, unconventional perspective for Americans to consider.

My inner introvert is loving all this unstructured downtime during the quarantine. There is lots of time to reflect, and the spring is a great time for cleansing, detox, and whatever other endeavors that help boost your health for the rest of the year, mental, emotional, or otherwise!

It’s also a great time for reevaluating where your New Year’s Resolutions might have petered off a month or two ago (lol) if you’re into that kind of thing. Spring is a time for newness, and in this video I’m offering what may be a new perspective for many of you about the medicines (drugs) we use in our lives, specifically cannabis- but you can apply these concepts to any medication or recreational substance that you appreciate. 

This conversation is to help us avoid the tempting trap of wanting to demonize or over-glorify a substance. I hope that in our lifetimes we can see a wave of empowerment and responsibility come into its prime so that we are not fighting the same misdirected battles around these substances. 

Hope you enjoy this, and I’d love to hear questions and comments. 
Live Adventurously, 



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