Favorite High Quality Makeup🌺

Makeup!? I thought this was a travel blog?

Homes, this is a blog about all things good, radical, real, and raw.

And the makeup industry is rank with deception and toxicity. Physical, chemical toxicity. It needs a light of truth shone upon it and more companies taking a radical stance on the sourcing of their minerals and manufacturing practices.

It’s a pretty big pretty deal. You can search podcasts on youtube (there’s a great one on “The Rich Roll Podcast” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgIOyfac8-M&list=PLNlNx9Di_AxuSvXu4xRiy6qfx8KY-J-C9&index=41&t=0s ) or even find a documentary on Netflix to give you a window into some of the truth of the cosmetics industry.

Many of us are completely underestimating the impact of our makeup on our health and longterm beauty for many reasons. Just because you wash it off at night doesn’t mean it’s not leeching into your body all day! Just because it’s packaged in earth-toned colors doesn’t mean it’s actually earth friendly or not laced with serious toxic compounds! Can anyone say, hormone disruption???

Anyway, this post is not to harp on all the bad, but to keep uplifting the good alternatives!

“100% Pure” is a fantastic company that I have known about for nearly 8 years now. And guess what they primarily use to create colors and textures in their beauty products?


Yes, a smoothie for the outside of your body.

Even their mascara smells like something out of a gourmet coffee shop rather than greased up bat poop. Which brings me to another point- they are cruelty free and preach a much higher standard of ethics than 99% of cosmetic companies out there. That’s why their company is called “100% Pure” instead of %99 Pure Cosmetics.

I’m about that life of keeping it 💯

To sweeten the already fruity deal, they are running a massive sale right now. Annnnnd, I’ve included a link below to add on even more discounts!
This kicks back a little change to help me improve this blog and my YouTube channel, which has been very difficult to keep up any content on because of life demands and finances. So big thanks in advance to anyone who can help out!
Using this link to try out “100% Pure’s” goodness is a great way to both help my channel and to upgrade your workplace warpaint.

(I often liken the ritual of applying makeup to the ritual of dressing in war paint… particularly if this is happening on a Friday night with your girl squad before you crash the hottest clubs).

And HERE is a bonus $15 off just by using this link!!!!

So please enjoy the upgrade to your makeup drawer. They have plenty of other products for skin and hair as well if you’re in the market.

When we take care of our body temple, we are ultimately taking care of our Earth temple. And I would personally like to thank you for caring and helping restore this planet we are all sharing 💞


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