Am I Thrifty or just a Hoarder? 😱

On being #thrifty


Seen here is a t-shirt that I cut and hemmed into a razor-back tank, as well as the straps and front top pocket from an old school Marmot backpack (loved to pieces) that I turned into a sling purse! That backpack was an heirloom from my Granny, a hiking extraordinaire. I really didn’t want to part with it when the larger compartment became ratty and full of holes.

My sewing is janky as I’m just now learning to use a sewing machine. Par for the course, I jammed the machine on day one. I’m blaming the crappy instruction booklet 😅

I’ve kept around all these fabric scraps and utility pieces like the straps and zipper pocket from the backpack, as well as a few t-shirts I never wore because I didn’t like the blaisé way they fit. I wanted to learn how to retailor them into things that I would truly love wearing and using so as to avoid wasting the things I currently have or buying new materials.
#reuse #reduce #recycle

Despite my crappy stitching, I really like and enjoy these weird looking things I’ve made. They feel good to me. They fit my dirtbaggish lifestyle. They also are very functional- this tee was a freebie from a job I worked 8 years ago, and I’m actually working there again part time for a while. So there’s another reason I’m glad I’ve held onto it.


While there’s a fine line between consciously balancing saving things and mindlessly hoarding outdated stuff, I feel like I’ve found a manageable balance that I’m happy with and will continue improving on. It’s really satisfying and peaceful to do this sort of thing successfully.

Live Intentionally and Adventurously!


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