“Your Personality Playlist” QUIZ!

Make a Music Personality Playlist!
Pick a song that fits these adjectives and answers these questions, and add them to a Spotify playlist in this order.
These can be whatever you want! It doesn’t have to be serious if you don’t feel that way. Have fun with it if that’s your inclination. This is a personality reflector, so do what feels best to you.
But there are a few rules! *You can repeat the same artist up to 5 times, **but you can’t repeat individual songs. Also, all the questions in BOLD are the most important questions for you to answer well. This works best when you answer all 30 song questions! Last rule, ***Any answers you skip have to be filled in with Ozzy Osbourne’s “I Don’t Know,” or some other song with the lyrics “I Don’t Know” in them, to motivate you to come up with something, ANYTHING… just don’t leave a song blank, for the love of God. This will also help the listeners be clear on which song goes with which question. Don’t get ’em twisted.
Add all these songs in this order in a playlist on Spotify or Youtube, and then label it, 
“[Your name]’s Personality in a Playlist!”

Pick a song…

  1. For Partying:
  2. That makes you happy:
  3. Sexy:
  4. Relaxing:
  5. That you listen to when depressed, or favorite sad song:
  6. Love Song:
  7. Theme song for your super hero alias:
  8. When you workout:
  9. Favorite song from a Musical:
  10. Favorite Worship Song, or meditation chant, or spiritual song:
  11. …To dedicate to the world:
  12. Background ambience, working or writing:
  13. Favorite song that feels dark or evil:
  14. Angry song:
  15. Sacred song:
  16. A song that heals you:
  17. Straight up CRAZY:
  18. A song by someone you’d like to sound like (roughly, not exactly): 
  19. A song by someone who sounds like you:
  20. Makes you want to dance, however YOU like to dance:
  21. If your life were a movie, a song that would be on the soundtrack:
  22. To dedicate to your sibling (or imaginery sibling if you are an only child):
  23. To dedicate to your spouse/partner (even if you don’t currently have one):
  24. Dedicated to your kids (even if you don’t currently have any):
  25. Dedicated to your parents (or whoever raised you, fills this role):
  26. A song for your wedding:
  27. A song for your funeral:
  28. If you were an animal, what noise would you make? Yes, this one is potentially weird and abstract. And yes, this is the most serious, important question on the quiz:
  29. What instrument are you (Pick a song that features your instrument!)?
  30. You get to go to one last concert at the end of the world. What album gets played start to finish and where?

NOW. That’s what I call music! 😆
Now that you’ve done this for yourself, print off a blank quiz and have everyone else answer the questions ABOUT YOU! And you get to do the same for them. Don’t share answers until finished. And don’t take any of this too seriously. Unless that is your personality and it’s what you want. 🙏🏾


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