I just called out the Sierra Club.

Of all the possibly irrational things I’ve blurted out in my life, I don’t regret the times where I stood up for what was right. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 12.12.10 PM
Yesterday I released a Youtube video where I talked about the ridiculous junk mail I receive from the Sierra Club. It started with needing to find an appropriate place to blow off steam, and then it turned into a full on rant. And then I realized that it wasn’t accomplishing that much to just complain about it, that if I was going to complain, I needed to take those words to the bank and cash in on them. So I wrote the organization itself and let them know I had made a public stink on the interwebs. 

I will gladly make public praise and promotion for them if I see them curb their trashy ways. ✌🏽

— You can view my youtube video here:
Is the Sierra Club REALLY environmentally friendly?

Live Adventurously, and do not go gently.


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